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Allen uses illustration, filmmaking and musical composition skills to create compelling stories.
ILLUSTRATOR: On the 1st day of his college communications course, the professor caught Allen drawing during her lecture. "You're drawing in my class." "I'm sorry. I am paying attention. Drawing helps me to process information." "We'll see on the first exam." He got an "A" on the test. From then on, his professor would ask, "So, what are you drawing today?" Although he's been drawing since childhood, Allen has been unsure about his ability. He never saw himself as an artist/illustrator until he worked with two professional artists (Shawn Alleyne & Jeff Tyler) on his 'Speedsuit Powers Trilogy' and had a chance-encounter on a train. While working with Shawn and Jeff to produce illustrations, they encouraged Allen to include his own within his books. Then one day on a train, a woman watched Allen draw and asked if he worked for Marvel or DC Comics. It's amazing how others can see potential in us, before we see it in ourselves. Now he fully embraces his talent and encourages others to press through their fears so they can do the same. 

FILMMAKER: Allen never guessed he would fall in love with video production at Bethune-Cookman University.  His internship at Universal Studios Orlando gave him the opportunity to work on commercials, television shows, and films. After graduation, Allen planned to pursue a film career, but God had other plans. A year later, he began graduate school to prepare for the ministry. While in seminary, he worked with professors and students to produce a film as a final class project. It premiered on campus with 100 people in attendance! After graduating in 2000, Allen became youth pastor at Thessalonia Worship Center in the Bronx. While there, he worked with the congregation to produce 2 films. The first was an urban retelling of the Prodigal Son parable from the Bible. The second was an adaptation of the 1st book in his Speedsuit Powers Trilogy. Both films screened to several hundred people each. From 2003-2010 Allen also served as a documentary filmmaker for two non-profit organizations. He produced video content across the U.S., 7 African countries, Europe and China. He took a break from video for the past 8 years (to focus on his writing) but is now looking to return to visual storytelling.  
COMPOSER: Allen loves composing music. More specifically, he loves movie scores (the instrumental orchestral music composers create for films).  When he likes a film or television show, he will usually search out the music and study the creative process. While he is self-taught, he has been able to create original music for several client projects as well as work with local musicians to produce music scores for all three of his independent films. One of his dreams is to one day produce a complete musical score with a full orchestra and original music. Music has a way of moving the heart and mind in a way words and pictures do not. The right music has the power to amplify a message!  


"Pursuing significance"

The Mixtape

In 2016, Allen combined audio recording clips from a number of speaking and preaching engagements with original music to produce his first motivational mixtape. 

He was inspired by Dr. Eric Thomas (ET) - who has inspired and motivated thousands around the world with his own motivational mixtapes. Allen himself has listened to ET and been impacted by his messages.


One day, after a conversation with his friend, Shaquan Huntt, it dawned on Allen that he had audio recordings from his speaking engagements which were unused. Only those present at the actual events benefited from his messages. So, producing his own mixtape seemed like a natural next step for positively impacting more people.

"My hope is that this mixtape impacts your life. The title, 'Pursuing Significance', is about my desire to be more than successful in life. My desire is to create a legacy which inspires, motivates and educates others for generations to come. So, enjoy listening to 'Pursuing Significance!' May it help you to do the same."

*Original Mixtape Music by Allen Paul Weaver III & Shellie Sampson "Four"

The Independent Film

In 2011, Allen worked with co-producer Monique Lisa to produce the live-action independent film, SPEEDSUIT. This film is an adaptation of Book One of the Trilogy.


Production began on July 25, 2011—as a wonderful cast came together to bring the literary characters of Book 1 to life—and continued until September 2011. Post production began October 2011 and continued (at a feverish pace) until January 2012. There was a hard deadline waiting: Black History Month.


On Friday February 3, 2012, the film screen at its red carpet premiere in the South Bronx at Thessalonia Worship Center, to a crowd of over 400 people! When it ended, the film received a standing ovation. Each weekend during February, the film also screened at various locations. SPEEDSUIT screened at 14 different locations during its first year - including churches, schools and community centers. 

2022 is the 10 Year Anniversary of SPEEDSUIT! To celebrate this major milestone, a virtual watch party event will happen on Friday June 24th at 7pm. Also, a brand new feature-length documentary was released on Friday June 3rd. BEHIND the SPEEDSUIT gives viewers unique access to the making of the film, the obstacles which had to be overcome and the impact that continues to touch people's lives. 


Watch this documentary on the "Speedsuit Powers" YouTube Channel.


Find out more about Allen and his interests in the ARTIST, PREACHER, WRITER & ABOUT tabs.

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