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A New Epic Story!

May 21, 2024: I'm excited to announce the upcoming July 19th release of my new novel, SOVEREIGN! It will be available for purchase on in Kindle ($9.99) & Paperback ($15.95) formats.



This book has been over 20 years in the making. You see, I'm a preacher's kid who grew up on the Bible & comic book superheroes. However, very few superheroes shared my faith. Little did I know, back in my teens, that a seed was planted within me. Over the years, this seed grew into a desire to create a superhero character with a biblical worldview.


So, in college and graduate school, I began creating my own characters. At this time, there were a number of other groups creating biblically-inspired characters such as: Bible Man, The Illuminator and ArchAngels. While I enjoyed these stories, (as well as numerous mainstream comics) I was still in search of the story I wanted to tell. Eventually, in the early 2000's I landed on this concept.


Yet, it would take two decades of sporadic and intentional development to get to where we are today. This story sat in the "background" of my life, as I was busy being a husband, father, in ministry and authoring 9 other books (including my 5-book Speedsuit Powers Series). But, it was never forgotten as I compiled notes of scenes and dialogue and fleshed out characters. I initially planned to house this storyline within my Speedsuit Powers Expanded Universe, but then decided to give it its own space to "breathe" as a stand alone story that didn't require reading any previous books. Then, in January of 2023, I took my pages and pages of notes, organized them and began writing the rough draft.

Little did I know that my father would pass away on June 19, 2023. His passing was life-changing for me, my entire family and many in the local and national community in which he served. As it pertains to this book, for a while, I didn't know if I would finish. My father and I loved the Bible, loved to write and thoroughly enjoyed watching superhero movies together. Now, none were the same... He helped prepare my previous book manuscripts, but now I would have to do this without him. For a while, I lost the desire to write... But, after some time, God restored it... and here we are, 6 drafts later with the completed book! (Thanks to my wife and son for their feedback!)  SOVEREIGN is an epic story that's 348 pages in length, with 52 chapters! And dedicated to my father.

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Finally, let me say this: The superhero genre is an amazing space where men and women are endowed with extraordinary abilities which they use to fight crime and evil in order to save the day. The source of their powers range from the technological to the alien, to the medical, genetic, mystical and the occult. And most, if not all of these heroes are self-reliant and act based on their own code of standards.


But what would happen if there was a superhero who received his power from God? Whose code of standards in which he acts comes from God’s Word - the Bible? Who fights against both physical and supernatural evil? What kind of story would that be? In my novel, SOVEREIGN, we see one such story filled with epic action, mystery and deep truths.  All of this points to, not an infinity war and endgame, but the eternal war, the end of the Age and New Beginnings. How does this story unfold? You will have to read it to find out.


If you love Jesus and enjoy superhero stories, then this book is for you! (And if you're not necessarily a superhero fan, but you love Jesus and like reading good stories, then this book is for you, too! And if you love superhero stories, but aren't sure about Jesus, then this book--you know what I'm going to say--is for you, too!) (smile) #SovereignNovel 


[More information to come... In the meantime, see the synopsis, reviews and teaser poster below.]

Back Cover Synopsis

VALOR: CHOSEN before his birth to fight a supernatural battle between light and darkness. EMPOWERED with extraordinary abilities to help those in need. OPPOSED by an ancient evil that seeks to destroy everyone in its path. ENTRUSTED with a message for humanity that he himself must come to understand. EVERYONE MUST KNOW THE TRUTH: All lives hang in the balance. The end of all things draws near. The Kingdom of Heaven is coming. God... is SOVEREIGN.

What people are saying:

Three persons have already read advanced copies and provided their honest reviews. Here's what they had to say...

“As the superhero genre goes, Sovereign is everything and more. This book delivers on the characters, dialogue, how the story unfolds, theology, spirituality and action! I was so deeply invested that tears came to my eyes when I finished the story. This could very well be the “Pilgrim’s Progress” of our generation. To God be the glory!” - Dr. Kimathi Choma

“Sovereign is a gripping adventure story that masterfully balances imagination and Biblical truth. While the hero’s adventure is on par with many Marvel and DC heroes, it also reminds us of the journey of the ordinary Christian. Sovereign has caused me to reflect on my own Christian walk and willingness to give my all to God. I highly recommend this book!”- Rev. Frank Gomez

The Superhero genre is not usually my cup of tea (except for Black Panther and Superman & Wonder Woman in my early years), but WOW, whether you are a fan of superheroes or not, Sovereign is an easy read and an enjoyable journey of one man's pursuit to be obedient to God's call to share the Gospel. The first few chapters had already centered me on God's Sovereign nature; His Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience. The author, empowered by the Holy Spirit, has penned God's plan of Salvation creatively through biblical truth and imagination. To God be the Glory!”- Min. Deborah Ewell-Thompson

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Book Launch



Book Re-launch

I love all of my books, however, SOVEREIGN and RESURRECTION are the two most important books I have written to date. So, this summer, I want to spread the word so people can read them and be inspired to live for the glory of God and His Eternal Kingdom.

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my previous book, RESURRECTION.

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