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After years of running, Allen finally accepted God's call to preach in 1994. As a young boy, many adults told him that he would walk in the footsteps of his father and become a preacher. During church, Allen would look at his dad in the pulpit and pray, "God, I will do whatever you want, but please DON'T make me a preacher!" Apparently, God has a sense of humor. Allen is not only a preacher, but he serves in the same church where he prayed as a boy! While he may be following in his father's footsteps, he is definitely making his own path as he follows God's leading. 
While preaching and teaching was not on his list of career choices, Allen will be the first to admit that doing so brings a sense of fulfillment. His core desire is for people to love, know, serve and grow in their relationship with Jesus. After all, if it wasn't for Jesus, Allen would have been dead back in 1992! While he does preach on multiple topics covered in the Scriptures (salvation, spiritual gifts, purpose, etc), for the past 6 years, Allen has been leading Bible studies and teaching courses centered around the End Times, current societal and technological trends and the 2nd Coming of Christ. Allen preaches and teaches regularly within church and conference settings.
As a Speaker, Allen also address audiences in a variety of venues. He combines his love for God with his passion for people to deliver messages infused with purpose. Whether in the pulpit or on stage Allen seeks to inspire, motivate and educate. He has even done so through stand-up comedy! It's funny... that one of the very first times he spoke before a large crowd in college, his own fear almost caused him to pass out! As his tongue felt like sandpaper and the room was beginning to spin, he silently called out to the Lord for help! The next moment, all of his strength returned to his body and he was able to finish his presentation. Now, all of these years later, he continues to ask God for help before his gets up to speak - whether at church, in schools, community centers or corporate events.
Rev. Allen speaks on issues concerning social & emotional learning, skill set discovery/development/ deployment, cultivating leadership ability, self-image growth and suicide prevention, filmmaking, writing, and the End Times. 

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Here are four sermons and four keynote addresses you can listen to:

Hope is on the Horizon_Sermon_2017Rev. Allen Paul Weaver III
00:00 / 46:01
7 Characteristics of a Jesus Disciple_3_13_2022Rev. Allen Paul Weaver III
00:00 / 25:13
The 6th Word: IT IS FINISHED_Good Friday 2017Rev. Allen Paul Weaver III
00:00 / 16:16
What's In Your Toolbox?_When Women Gather_3_31_22Rev. Allen Paul Weaver III
00:00 / 29:45
End Times Technology Keynote_TWC_3_7_20Rev. Allen Paul Weaver III
00:00 / 46:37
The Worst Kind of Broke_Young Adult Conference 2017Rev. Allen Paul Weaver III
00:00 / 16:10
A Better Chance_Scholars Graduation Celebration Keynote_2017Rev. Allen Paul Weaver III
00:00 / 22:38
Back To School_Youth Keynote_8_31_2016Rev. Allen Paul Weaver III
00:00 / 07:33

Watch Part of Allen's 1st Stand Up Comedy Routine

Laughing with Allen

Laughing with Allen

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