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Book Re-launch

Why am I doing a Book Launch // Re-launch? I love all of my books, however, SOVEREIGN and RESURRECTION are the two most important books I have written to date. So, this summer, I want to spread the word so people can read them and be inspired to live for the glory of God
and His Eternal Kingdom.

CLICK HERE, to find out more about
my new novel, SOVEREIGN.

CLICK HERE, to find out more about
my previous book, RESURRECTION.


"My primary audience is The Church: helping believers know Jesus and represent Him in their spheres of influence. My secondary audience is everyone else: helping those who do not yet know Christ to realize His great love for them and His desire to save them for His Eternal Kingdom." --Allen Paul Weaver III

Allen has written 10 books, 3 workbooks, several plays, movie scripts, magazine articles and hundreds of blog posts. He never anticipated that writing would be such an integral part of his life. He kept journals while growing up. It was cathartic and helped him work through his thoughts and emotions. In 12th grade, he took his first creative writing class and wrote for the school newspaper. He also wrote for his college paper. However, he never thought he would become an author.
But one day in 1995, at a media conference on campus, Allen found himself with a sudden insatiable desire to ask question after question to one of the panelists: a 1st time self-published author by the name of Omar Tyree. After the conference, Omar gave a copy of his book to Allen. Above his signature were the words, "Ask questions forever!" Two weeks later, Allen felt God nudge him while he was driving: "I want you to write a book." Allen didn't know the first thing about writing a book. But the seed had been planted. He asked God to help him write the book and 10 years later the manuscript was complete! A year after that, in 2006, his first book, 'Transition: Breaking Through the Barriers' was published!


By the next year, God brought him full circle... Allen was invited to be the plenary speaker at his alma mater for a communications conference - in the very building where he had been inspired 12 years earlier! During that trip, he and his wife had the privilege to meet the keynote speaker: actor/author Malik Yoba. Even then, while his book was impacting many lives, he never dreamed he would write another.
Now, through his communication business -- Radiant City Studios, LLC -- Allen is "9 books in" and his 10th book, SOVEREIGN, will release this July 19th. Since 2006, Allen has spoken to many audiences in churches, schools and community centers about the topics of his books as well as his writing journey.  Allen also advises other writers who are seeking to finish their manuscripts and become published authors. 
"I believe everyone has at least one book in them," Allen often says. "But the book won't write itself." 

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Do you like drama, action, poetry, personal development, or spiritual growth? Then Rev. Allen has at least one book for you! His books (of multiple genres) are written to "take you on a journey" while helping you achieve your God-given dreams and purpose! 

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Speedsuit Powers is Allen's signature Young Adult Fiction Series. What started out as a single novel grew into a trilogy and has expanded into a series! Find out more on the S.P.E.U. Page. 

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Author Out Loud:

Allen's Writing Inspiration
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Allen's Writing Quirk
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Listen to Allen share his writing process with students at a 2016 "Authors Out Loud" event, held at New Rochelle High School.

Allen's Major Writing Obstacle
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Allen's Book to Film
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Watch Allen's Speedsuit Powers Trilogy Promo Video.

Speedsuit Powers: Books Trilogy Trailer

Speedsuit Powers: Books Trilogy Trailer

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