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Re-release in 2025.

Transition: Breaking Through the Barriers (2006)

[This is the book that started it all..."]

Who am I? What is my purpose? Everyone struggles with these thoughts. Even if we do find answers to these questions, there are still barriers that prevent us from discovering our true identity and living free. Some barriers we put up ourselves, while some are erected by others. Once we trust in God and discover how to break through these barriers, we become so much stronger.

An anthology of poetry, short stories and essays, TRANSITION recounts major moments and observations from the last 10 years of Allen's life. He shares many deeply personal aspects of his journey to self-discovery. He writes candidly about his suicide attempt and life struggles. Allen also seeks insight into the issues we all wrestle with: family, life, death, education, career, prejudice, relationships, society, the nature of God and our destiny. No matter your gender or ethnic background, the profound thoughts in TRANSITION challenge you to improve yourself and give you courage to break through the ever-present barriers that we all face. God has a purpose for your life! Are you ready to take the journey?

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Book 1 in the:


Speedsuit Powers:

The Powersuit (2009)

Imagine moving from the suburbs to the inner city and colliding with a school bully who’s BIGGER, STRONGER, and FASTER than you. What do you do? Curtis Powers is living this life!

Ninth grade, at a new school, is hard enough, without Treyshawn Jinkins making his days miserable. Curtis just wants to pursue his dreams—now he’s got to avoid his nemesis, too!

Some call Curtis a geek; but his smarts won’t stop the inevitable. Treyshawn is coming fast and Curtis must do something or face the worst beat-down of his life! With help from his family, his best friend Kelly, and others, he’ll put a hi-tech plan into action that will do more than anyone thought possible.

And in the process he’ll learn that ‘when you can’t outrun your problems, you have to face them head on.’

Finally, the story you've been waiting for... Speedsuit Powers.


Personal Development

MOVE! Your Destiny is waiting for you (2013) 

-Your destiny is waiting on you... So, what are you going to do about it?

-Are you unsure of your purpose, capabilities and how you can impact the world?

-Do you refuse to make decisions for fear of a making a mistake?

-Have you felt 'stuck' because of a lack of direction? 

This personal development resource can help you succeed in these areas. You can understand your intrinsic value, skills, and ability to choose an increasingly significant life! You can develop vision, set goals and overcome insecurities! You can move from where you are to where you need and want to be! And it all starts with you first having a willing mind.

Filled with key insights, inspiring stories and powerful principles, 'MOVE! Your Destiny is Waiting on You' offers inspiration, motivation and education to help you change the way you think -- so you can change the way you live.

What God has for you -- is for you. It is yours to discover. No one else can take it from you, but you can disqualify yourself by allowing fear to rule your life. Your development is key to the achievement of the dreams God has placed within you. You don't have to remain 'stuck' any longer!

Don't be disqualified... be determined. God is waiting on you to step out and do your part, so he can do his part. 'MOVE!' presents a model, which -- if applied -- can help transform the trajectory of your existence. As much as you are waiting on destiny... Destiny is waiting on you! Are you ready to MOVE?


BOOK 2 in the:


Speedsuit Powers:

The Opposition (2015)

Curtis and Treyshawn are two fatherless boys who struggle to navigate the world. Curtis seeks to build on the life lessons his father taught him. Treyshawn seeks to break down the walls his father put between them. As these boys transition into manhood, how will they survive?

At the start of ninth grade, Treyshawn bullied Curtis relentlessly! But, this motivated Curtis to create a hi-tech plan. With the help of his family, his best friend Kelly and others, that plan did more than anyone thought possible and changed everyone’s lives forever! In the process, the boys settled their differences and forged a friendship to help each other overcome the obstacles they faced. Their friendship led to the creation of the Mach-1 Speedsuit and earned them worldwide recognition.

Now, Curtis, Treyshawn and Kelly are on a new adventure to further pursue their dreams: college. Their future seems sure, but they soon learn that opportunity often comes with opposition. The pressures they encounter cause them to question everything: Is Curtis fast enough to stop tragic events? Does Treyshawn really have his life under control? Will Kelly’s growing love for Curtis be challenged by his increasing fame?

As the answers to these questions unfold, Curtis, Treyshawn and Kelly discover: ‘When everyone isn’t for you, you still must press toward your destiny.’


BOOK 3 in the:


Speedsuit Powers:

The Revelation (2017)

Every story that has a beginning... has an end.

Book Two closes on a cliffhanger: Curtis has been abducted. Treyshawn discovers why his father doesn't want him. Kelly attempts to help her roommate make a life-changing decision. Omar is injured. Gavin almost dies. And Miranda's quest for the truth has made her a target.

Now, in Book Three, things will go from bad to worse as Team Speedsuit tries to run towards a resolution:

After helping to rescue his young protege, Chasm Montgomery continues to remake Curtis in his own image. But will the "new" Curtis Powers sit well with his family and friends? And what is Chasm's motivation behind his generosity?

Meanwhile, Treyshawn is finding his place in college, but will his attempts to build a relationship with his father cause more harm than good?

And just who is the man in the undisclosed location? What nefarious plans would cause him to unleash a threat which could destroy Curtis and those closest to him?

All of these questions and more will be answered in this climactic conclusion where Curtis, Treyshawn and Kelly uncover the greatest revelation of all: One person's choice can affect the destiny of many.


Speedsuit Powers Expanded Universe

Flight: A Speedsuit Powers Story (2018)

Schuyler Watkins loves everything that flies: birds, insects, airplanes... everything. But gravity pulls on her as it does everyone else in her Brooklyn neighborhood. Her friends have their struggles and her family is far from perfect. Yet, she dreams of the day when she can soar like a bird!


Many think her desire to literally 'fly through the air' is a waste of time. But after seeing what Curtis Powers can do with his Powersuits, Schuyler is convinced that gravity doesn't have to be an excuse for keeping her head down in life. Now, given the chance of a lifetime, can she rise above adversity and fly?


One thing is certain: by itself a dream is just wishful thinking. To prove what's possible, Schuyler needs creativity, perseverance, a hi-tech plan and those who believe in her. Then, just maybe, she can inspire her generation and change the world.


Are you ready to fly? The first story in the Speedsuit Powers Expanded Universe is here!


Spiritual Growth

Resurrection: The BIG Picture of God's Purpose and Your Destiny (2019)

RESURRECTION... This is the Grand Story God reveals to us through the Bible.


Many are unfamiliar with this narrative. Others know fragments, but not the whole. This book is a doorway into that Great Story.


Journey through time and eternity to uncover God's purpose for humanity. Discover why Jesus had to die and how his resurrection changes everything for those who believe! An amazing destiny awaits all who come into God's coming kingdom through Christ...


In this book: The Story of Resurrection, Study Guide, Scriptural References & Articles to help you grow in your walk with Christ. (This is the Revised & Updated 2nd Edition.)

Resurrection Book Front Cover_Nov2020_re

Spiritual Growth

The Resurrection Life: A 40

Day Journeywith Jesus (2020)

Around Easter, we often focus on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. But once the day passes, we go back to 'life as usual'. The disciples tried to do the same, but Jesus interrupted them.

This book seeks to recreated that period of divine interruption. It's an overlooked part of the Story, really... the 40 days between Jesus' resurrection and his ascension back to heaven. It's a footnote most of us read without a second thought, but during this time Jesus used the Scriptures to further reveal his identity, his coming kingdom and humanity's place in it.


What would happen if you took 40 consecutive days to focus on Jesus and his teachings? How would your life change? Read this devotional and find out.


This book is the sequel to RESURRECTION: The BIG Picture of God's Purpose and Your Destiny.



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