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Rev. Allen
works to:

and EDUCATE others towards their GOD-given DREAMS and PURPOSE.




*FROM SUICIDE TO SIGNIFICANCE: My Journey to find purpose in life through Christ

*SKILL-SET 3D: Discover, Develop & Deploy your Gifts & Talents for God's Glory

*TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP: The Supernatural Tools for Life Change

*ULTIMATE CULTURE: What it Means to be a Citizen in God's Kingdom  

*LIFE AFTER DEATH: What the Bible Actually Reveals About Heaven & Beyond

*RESURRECTION: The BIG Picture of God's Purpose and Your Destiny

*WHERE ARE WE HEADED? Revelation, The End Times & The Return of Christ

Speedsuit Powers is Allen's signature Young Adult Fiction Series. What started out as a single novel grew into a trilogy and has expanded into a series! Click "Learn More" to see the S.P.E.U.

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We had an amazing Speedsuit Movie

virtual watch party on June 24th!

Click the button to find our more! 

Find out more about Allen and his interests in the ARTIST, PREACHER, WRITER & ABOUT tabs.

“A FATHER to the Fathers“
“Why Are You Downcast?"
"You Matter"
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