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As an author, preacher, teacher and motivational speaker...

Rev. Allen is equipped to address your group.

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We are humbled by your interest to book Rev. Allen for your church, school, or organization! Please fill out this form in its entirety, and we will contact you promptly.

Thanks again for considering Rev. Allen for your event.

While Rev. Allen does speak in a variety of secular/non-Christian venues, his primary calling is to speak to the Body of Christ: in churches; schools / colleges / universities; business and non-profit organizations and conferences.


His message: God has placed you on earth to know, love and serve Him through His Son. So... out of that relationship... pursue greatness in all you do - not for its own sake - but as Jesus says in Matthew 5:16, "so others will see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." Then, when Christ returns and you stand before Him, you will hear Him say: "Well done My good and faithful servant..." Being about our Father's business is vital - now more than ever.

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"If you are looking for a speaker who can encourage, inspire and challenge people to develop an intimate relationship with God, please book this great man of God. He can encourage those who are dealing with real life issues and provide words of hope with God's word. He is amazing!! We look forward to him ministering to us again in the very near future."

- Rev. Delores Burnet, Associate Pastor, Harvest Fields Community Church, NY -


"Thank you so very much for all that you have done to make the College Bound Informational Service at our church such a great success! Everyone was truly refreshed and encouraged by your presentation, as you gave of your heart and soul. Your experience is impressive and you were able to draw your listeners in by your own story and natural brilliance. Thanks for your insightful perspective! I can assure you, you touched every heart."

- Norine Wilson-Henry, Grace International Ministries, NY -


"Mr. Weaver was phenomenal as a guest speaker for the graduation of the participants for the Justice Community Program, The Fatherhood Initiative and the Career Center. Mr. Weaver's delivery was concise and his message of "You Matter" was poignant and relevant to the population he addressed. Participants and staff alike truly enjoyed his impactful message."

- Faatimah Croston, The Osborne Association, NY - 


"Rev. Allen is an excellent teacher on the book of Revelation, the significance of the End Times and why it should matter to the church. I had the pleasure of sitting in on several sessions as he facilitated thought-provoking discussions and 'connected the dots' of Old and New Testament Scripture with past and current societal events and trends. His teaching was very helpful to all who were present. If you are serious about preparing your heart and mind for our LORD's return, then you should pay attention to what Rev. Allen has to say."

- Dr. Kimathi Choma, Manhattan, KS -  


"What an experience! Rev. Allen Paul Weaver III, I cannot begin to thank you enough for a well-structured and thorough presentation on "The Last Days." The comments received from the attendees confirm you were well prepared. Praying for your success."

- Rev. Dr. Wendy J. Kelly-Carter, 1st VP Congress of Christian Education, U.M.B.A., NY - 


"As we progress through the End Times, it is necessary that the Body of Christ prepares for the 2nd Coming of Christ. God has prepared His servant, Rev. Allen Paul Weaver III, to teach us about the Signs of the Times, the book of Revelation and so much more. Rev. Allen explains God's Word so plain that you can see it as he teaches. I highly recommend him."

-Juanita Davis, President, Congress of Christian Education, U.M.B.A., NY -


"I have taken several End Time study sessions under the teaching of Rev. Allen Paul Weaver III. I personally feel his breakdown of the End Times teachings is God-given, needed for this Age we are in, and above all can save souls of those that are lost."

 -Jason Polk, Bethesda Baptist Church of New Rochelle, NY-


"At the beginning of the Covid 19. Epidemic, Thessalonia Worship Center launch quickly into a prophetic mode. The church leadership made a conscious effort to seek and search the Word in order to find answers during these uncertain times.  Thessalonia knew that it needed a biblical world view for this unprecedented moment in history. Rev. Allen Paul Weaver III was sought after and agreed to teach on the eschatological intertwine of the book of Revelation and today’s current events.  The class was awesome! It was informative, provocative, empowering and transformational; connecting dots on a global scale and bringing clarity to things hidden in plain sight. The book of Revelation class answered questions like: what should we expect in this dispensation according to the Word? What does the Bible say about End-Times? How does Revelation speak to the social and political movement in today’s world? The underlined issue is that the church must be prepared (yes, for Jesus return but also) to respond, inform and guide folks during these chaotic times. There must be revelation coming from the church house and Rev.  Allen Paul Weaver III provided a unique, thoughtful, empowering and pragmatic look at this End-Time neglected book. Every church needs this teaching series now!" 

 - Pastor Malobe Thessalonia Worship Center. Bronx NY-

seminars & workshops

Rev. Allen seeks to inspire, motivate and educate members of the Body of Christ through interactive, hands-on teachings. His goal is to help Christians grow in their relationship with JESUS so they can carry out the Great Commission in a variety of ways unique to each individual and live in a way that  prepares them for the Return of Christ.


As an author, filmmaker, preacher, speaker and teacher, Rev. Allen can deliver an impactful and memorable message to your audience in a variety of settings. 


His messages are built on the foundation of Scripture. He then adds learnings, observations, struggles and successes from his 40+ years of life experience in order to provide relatable, practical guidance and solutions for many of the issues we all face.

Keynote Speaker




Rev. Allen shares his journey from a suicide attempt to finding purpose in life through Christ. He then shares the tools and lessons God showed him, so you can discover, develop and deploy your gifts and talents for God's glory.


Understanding the Culture of God's Kingdom and how it is to impact Christians today.


What does the Bible ACTUALLY teach about what happens after we die? What EXACTLY do we have to look forward to for all eternity? Rev. Allen uses his book, RESURRECTION: The BIG Picture of God's Purpose and Your Destiny, to help you find out.


What does it mean for God to be sovereign? Rev. Allen uses his latest novel, SOVEREIGN, and the Bible to help us understand.


Are we in the Last Days? How do we know? Why does it matter? What can we do to prepare for Christ's 2nd Coming?


Rev. Allen shares his writing/publishing experience of 10 books to help you write and publish your own.

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