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SPEEDSUIT POWERS is Allen's signature Young Adult Fiction Series! What began as a single novel -in 2009 - written to inspire Black urban middle school boys, has been read by 4th through 8th graders, high school & college students, young & middle-aged adults, mothers, fathers and grandparents!  Known fans are Black, Caucasian, Asian & Hispanic/Latino boys & girls, men & women. They are Christians, Atheists & people of other faiths. They hail from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, Kansas and California. After Book 1, readers wanted to know "WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!" So, Allen produced Book 1 as the 2012 independent film, SPEEDSUIT. Once the film was complete, Allen wrote Books 2 & 3 (releasing them in 2015/2016). The Trilogy then expanded into a series in 2018 with the release of FLIGHT: A Speedsuit Powers Story! The 5th book - DISCOURSE: A Speedsuit Powers Story - released this past February! And there are more books to come... Allen just wrote stories he thought others would want to read. Then he recently discovered from a literacy coach expert, who read his books, that his series incorporated CASLE's 5 Core Competencies: self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. You can see the synopsis for each book below as well as information about the movie.

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Here's the very first promo video for Speedsuit Powers: Book 1

Some of the
Speedsuit Powers
fans down through the years...


Book One Synopsis [2009]

Imagine moving from the suburbs to the inner city and colliding with a school bully who’s BIGGER, STRONGER, and FASTER than you. What do you do? Curtis Powers is living this life!


Ninth grade, at a new school, is hard enough, without Treyshawn Jinkins making his days miserable. Curtis just wants to pursue his dreams—now he’s got to avoid his nemesis, too!


Some call Curtis a geek; but his smarts won’t stop the inevitable. Treyshawn is coming fast and Curtis must do something or face the worst beat-down of his life! With help from his family, his best friend Kelly, and others, he’ll put a hi-tech plan into action that will do more than anyone thought possible.


And in the process he’ll learn that ‘when you can’t outrun your problems, you have to face them head on.’


Finally, the story you've been waiting for:Speedsuit Powers.

[]  Available in paperback and Kindle ebook.


[]  Book One releases on AUDIOBOOK Fall 2022!


Book 2 Synopsis [2015]

Curtis and Treyshawn are two fatherless boys who struggle to navigate the world. Curtis seeks to build on the life lessons his father taught him. Treyshawn seeks to break down the walls his father put between them. As these boys transition into manhood, how will they survive?


At the start of ninth grade, Treyshawn bullied Curtis relentlessly! But, this motivated Curtis to create a hi-tech plan. With the help of his family, his best friend Kelly and others, that plan did more than anyone thought possible and changed everyone’s lives forever! In the process, the boys settled their differences and forged a friendship to help each other overcome the obstacles they faced. Their friendship led to the creation of the Mach-1 Speedsuit and earned them worldwide recognition.


Now, Curtis, Treyshawn and Kelly are on a new adventure to further pursue their dreams: college. Their future seems sure, but they soon learn that opportunity often comes with opposition. The pressures they encounter cause them to question everything: Is Curtis fast enough to stop tragic events? Does Treyshawn really have his life under control? Will Kelly’s growing love for Curtis be challenged by his increasing fame?


As the answers to these questions unfold, Curtis, Treyshawn and Kelly discover: ‘When everyone isn’t for you, you still must press toward your destiny.’


[]  Available in paperback and Kindle ebook.


Book 3 Synopsis [2016]

Every story that has a beginning... has an end.


Book Two closes on a cliffhanger: Curtis has been abducted. Treyshawn discovers why his father doesn't want him. Kelly attempts to help her roommate make a life-changing decision. Omar is injured. Gavin almost dies. And Miranda's quest for the truth has made her a target.


Now, in Book Three, things will go from bad to worse as Team Speedsuit tries to run towards a resolution:


After helping to rescue his young protege, Chasm Montgomery continues to remake Curtis in his own image. But will the "new" Curtis Powers sit well with his family and friends? And what is Chasm's motivation behind his generosity?


Meanwhile, Treyshawn is finding his place in college, but will his attempts to build a relationship with his father cause more harm than good?


And just who is the man in the undisclosed location? What nefarious plans would cause him to unleash a threat which could destroy Curtis and those closest to him?


All of these questions and more will be answered in this climactic conclusion where Curtis, Treyshawn and Kelly uncover the greatest revelation of all: One person's choice can affect the destiny of many.


[] Available in paperback and Kindle ebook.


The website listed at the end of Book 3 on the "About the Author" page is no longer valid and is not under my control. Steps are being taken to update the book manuscript on Amazon to reflect the current valid URL ( which redirects to this page on This warning applies to paperback copies purchased between October 2016 to July 15, 2022.


Flight Synopsis [Book 4 - Novella - 2018]

The Trilogy is complete. But the story continues…


Schuyler Watkins loves everything that flies: birds, insects, airplanes... everything. But gravity pulls on her as it does everyone else in her Brooklyn neighborhood. Her friends have their struggles and her family is far from perfect. Yet, she dreams of the day when she can soar like a bird!


Many think her desire to literally 'fly through the air' is a waste of time. But after seeing what Curtis Powers can do with his Powersuits, Schuyler is convinced that gravity doesn't have to be an excuse for keeping her head down in life. 


Now, given the chance of a lifetime, can she rise above adversity and fly? One thing is certain: by itself a dream is just wishful thinking. To prove what's possible, Schuyler needs creativity, perseverance, a hi-tech plan and those who believe in her. Then, just maybe, she can inspire her generation and change the world.


Are you ready to fly? The first story in the Speedsuit Powers Expanded Universe is here!


[] Available in paperback & Kindle ebook.


Discourse Synopsis [Book 5 - Novella - 2022]

The Trilogy is complete. But the story continues…


Malik Allen Jackson is on a downward spiral. He is flunking 11th grade and has no dreams beyond making “quick” money, playing video games, and verbally torturing the local Chinese food takeout spot with his friends.


But one day Malik finds an unusual device which grants him enhanced abilities. As he begins to enjoy his newfound power, two groups are quickly closing in on him: the creators of the device and the thieves who stole it.


Now, Malik must choose between new opportunities and old habits, while being hunted for the unknown technology. Will he remain the same person with no dreams? Or will he transform into the young man he never knew he could become?


This is the second story in the Speedsuit Powers Expanded Universe.


[] Available in paperback & Kindle ebook.


The Independent Film

In 2011, Allen worked with co-producer Monique Lisa to produce the live-action independent film, SPEEDSUIT. This film is an adaptation of Book One of the Trilogy.


Several casting calls were held in the Bronx and Manhattan to find the right actors to participate in this project. After securing them, the new cast came together for a table read (which was filled with laughter, quiet moments and some tears). After reading through the script together, the cast was committed.


Several methods were used to raise the film’s budget, including a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign did not meet its goal by the deadline, however, many who had pledged still gave. The rest of the budget had been secured from an angel investor, but due to the recession, the investor had to pull out three weeks before filming was scheduled to begin. The cast was informed of the situation, (some of whom had turned down other acting roles for the summer to work on Speedsuit), but they all agreed to proceed anyway because they believed in the story’s potential to impact lives. 


So, the project continued as a smaller, more intimate film where cast and crew worked side-by-side, wearing may “hats.” Due to the drastically decreased budget, a number of resources and locations were no longer available. But, wherever there was a loss—a “gain” was not far behind! It seemed that Providence was on our side…


Production began on July 25, 2011—as a wonderful cast came together to bring the literary characters of Book 1 to life—and continued until September 2011. Post production began October 2011 and continued (at a feverish pace) until January 2012. There was a hard deadline waiting: Black History Month.


On Friday February 3, 2012, the film screen at its red carpet premiere in the South Bronx at Thessalonia Worship Center, to a crowd of over 400 people! When it ended, the film received a standing ovation. Each weekend during February, the film also screened at various locations. From 2012-2013 SPEEDSUIT screened at 14 different locations including churches, schools and community centers. 


We had a successful virtual watch party on

June 24, 2022 @7:00pm! Approximately 150 people attended. And as of July 15th over 900 people have viewed the film on YouTube!

Brand New Documentary!

To help celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Allen's independent film, he has released his new documentary: BEHIND the SPEEDSUIT.

Now, viewers can see the creative process that it took to adapt Book 1 into the film! And they can witness the obstacles which had to be surmounted in order to complete the film, as well as the impact of the film which still resonates today.

Watch BEHIND the SPEEDSUIT on the "Speedsuit Powers Youtube Channel."

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