Speedsuit Powers is Allen's signature Young Adult Fiction Series. What started out as a single novel grew into a trilogy and has expanded into a series! Find out more on the S.P.E.U. Page. 

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Rev. Allen
works to:

and EDUCATE others towards their GOD-given DREAMS and PURPOSE.




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"It wasn't until my early 20's before I was able to truly begin loving myself... Now, I seek to laugh often, love fully & lead well."

Allen attempted suicide 1 month after graduating from high school. He thought he had no future. But God intervened on that warm July night in 1992 and over several years began to reveal His desires and purpose for Allen's life.


NOW, Allen lives in the future he thought didn't exist! He is a husband and a father, has 2 degrees, worked for several great companies, was a documentary filmmaker in 7 African countries, China and Europe, and has authored 9 books... so far. He desires to maximize every gift and talent God has given him to build others up for Christ's Kingdom.


He is currently the Co-Pastor of Bethesda Baptist Church of New Rochelle, NY. He uses his 40+ years of life experience, gifts and talents and biblical knowledge to help others grow in their relationship with Christ, pursue their God-given dreams and purpose, and prepare for Christ's Return.


Allen has also created the DTC Writer Studio to help guide writers who want to become authors. It consists of a YouTube Channel where he shares writer/author insights for those who need direction and desire accountability throughout their writing process.


He's an avid reader who grew up not liking to read. He also enjoys writing, drawing, watching movies, vertical wind tunnel flying and spending time with is wife and son. 



Do you like drama, action, poetry, personal development, or spiritual growth? Then Rev. Allen has at least one book for you! His books (of multiple genres) are written to "take you on a journey" while helping you achieve your God-given dreams and purpose! 

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Author Out Loud:

Allen's Writing Inspiration
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Allen's Writing Quirk
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Listen to Allen share his writing process with students at a 2016 "Authors Out Loud" event, held at New Rochelle High School.

Allen's Major Writing Obstacle
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Allen's Book to Film
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"Pursuing significance"

The Mixtape

In 2016, Allen combined audio recording clips from a number of speaking and preaching engagements with original music to produce his first motivational mixtape. 

He was inspired by Dr. Eric Thomas (ET) - who has inspired and motivated thousands around the world with his own motivational mixtapes. Allen himself has listened to ET and been impacted by his messages.


One day, after a conversation with his friend, Shaquan Huntt, it dawned on Allen that he had audio recordings from his speaking engagements which were unused. Only those present at the actual events benefited from his messages. So, producing his own mixtape seemed like a natural next step for positively impacting more people.

"My hope is that this mixtape impacts your life. The title, 'Pursuing Significance', is about my desire to be more than successful in life. My desire is to create a legacy which inspires, motivates and educates others for generations to come. So, enjoy listening to 'Pursuing Significance!' May it help you to do the same."

*Original Mixtape Music by Allen Paul Weaver III & Shellie Sampson "Four"



Allen uses illustration, filmmaking and musical composition skills to create compelling stories.
ILLUSTRATOR: On the 1st day of his college communications course, the professor caught Allen drawing during her lecture. "You're drawing in my class." "I'm sorry. I am paying attention. Drawing helps me to process information." "We'll see on the first exam." He got an "A" on the test. From then on, his professor would ask, "So, what are you drawing today?" Although he's been drawing since childhood, Allen has been unsure about his ability. He never saw himself as an artist/illustrator until he worked with two professional artists (Shawn Alleyne & Jeff Tyler) on his 'Speedsuit Powers Trilogy' and had a chance-encounter on a train. While working with Shawn and Jeff to produce illustrations, they encouraged Allen to include his own within his books. Then one day on a train, a woman watched Allen draw and asked if he worked for Marvel or DC Comics. It is amazing how others can see the potential in us, before we see it in ourselves. Now he fully embraces his talent and encourages others to press through their fears so they can do the same. 

FILMMAKER: Allen never guessed he would fall in love with video production at Bethune-Cookman University.  His internship at Universal Studios Orlando gave him the opportunity to work on commercials, television shows, and films. After graduation, Allen planned to pursue a film career, but God had other plans. A year later, he began graduate school to prepare for the ministry. While in seminary, he worked with professors and students to produce a film as a final class project. It premiered on campus with 100 people in attendance! After graduating in 2000, Allen became youth pastor at Thessalonia Worship Center in the Bronx. While there, he worked with the congregation to produce 2 films. The first was an urban retelling of the Prodigal Son parable from the Bible. The second was an adaptation of the 1st book in his Speedsuit Powers Trilogy. Both films screened to several hundred people each. From 2003-2010 Allen also served as a documentary filmmaker for two non-profit organizations. He produced video content across the U.S., 7 African countries, Europe and China. He took a break from video for the past 8 years (to focus on his writing) but is now looking to return to visual storytelling.  
COMPOSER: Allen loves composing music. More specifically, he loves movie scores (the instrumental orchestral music composers create for films).  When he likes a film or television show, he will usually search out the music and study the creative process. While he is self-taught, he has been able to create original music for several client projects as well as work with local musicians to produce music scores for all three of his independent films. One of his dreams is to one day produce a complete musical score with a full orchestra and original music. Music has a way of moving the heart and mind in a way words and pictures do not. The right music has the power to amplify a message!  



After years of running, Allen finally accepted God's call to preach in 1994. As a young boy, many adults told him that he would walk in the footsteps of his father and become a preacher. During church, Allen would look at his dad in the pulpit and pray, "God, I will do whatever you want, but please DON'T make me a preacher!" Apparently, God has a sense of humor. Allen is not only a preacher, but he serves in the same church where he prayed as a boy! While he may be following in his father's footsteps, he is definitely making his own path as he follows God's leading. 
While preaching and teaching was not on his list of career choices, Allen will be the first to admit that doing so brings a sense of fulfillment. His core desire is for people to love, know, serve and grow in their relationship with Jesus. After all, if it wasn't for Jesus, Allen would have been dead back in 1992! While he does preach on multiple topics covered in the Scriptures (salvation, spiritual gifts, purpose, etc), for the past 4 years, Allen has been leading Bible studies and teaching courses centered around the End Times, current societal and technological trends and the 2nd Coming of Christ. Allen preaches and teaches regularly within church and conference settings.
As a Speaker, Allen also address audiences in a variety of venues. He combines his love for God with his passion for people to deliver messages infused with purpose. Whether in the pulpit or on stage Allen seeks to inspire, motivate and educate. He has even done so through stand-up comedy! It's funny... that one of the very first times he spoke before a large crowd in college, his own fear almost caused him to pass out! As his tongue felt like sandpaper and the room was beginning to spin, he silently called out to the Lord for help! The next moment, all of his strength returned to his body and he was able to finish his presentation. Now, all of these years later, he continues to ask God for help before his gets up to speak - whether at church, in schools, community centers or corporate events.
Rev. Allen speaks on issues concerning social & emotional learning, skill set discovery / development / deployment, cultivating leadership ability, self-image growth and suicide prevention, filmmaking, writing, and the End Times. 



Allen has written 9 books, 3 workbooks, several plays, independent movie scripts, magazine articles and hundreds of blog posts. He never anticipated that writing would be such an integral part of his life. He kept journals while growing up. It was cathartic and helped him to work through his thoughts and emotions. In 12th grade, he took his first creative writing class and wrote for the school newspaper. He also wrote for his college paper. However, he never thought he would become an author.
But one day in 1995, at a media conference on campus, Allen found himself with a sudden insatiable desire to ask question after question to one of the panelists: a 1st time self-published author by the name of Omar Tyree. After the conference, Omar gave a copy of his book to Allen. Above his signature were the words, "Ask questions forever!" Two weeks later, Allen felt God nudge him while he was driving: "I want you to write a book." Allen didn't know the first thing about writing a book. But the seed had been planted. He asked God to help him write the book and 10 years later the manuscript was complete! A year after that, in 2006, his first book, 'Transition: Breaking Through the Barriers' was published!
By the next year, God brought him full circle... Allen was invited to be the plenary speaker at his alma mater for a communications conference - in the very building where he had been inspired 12 years earlier! During that trip, he and his wife had the privilege to meet the keynote speaker: actor/author Malik Yoba. Even then, while his book was impacting many lives, he never dreamed he would write another.
Now, through his communication business -- Radiant City Studios, LLC -- Allen is "9 books in" and has other manuscripts in development. Since 2006, Allen has spoken to many audiences in churches, schools and community centers about the topics of his books as well as his writing journey.  Allen also advises other writers who are seeking to finish their manuscripts and become published authors. He sees the need as being so great, that he has recently created and launched the 'DTC Writer Studio' YouTube Channel. He plans to use this media format to multiply his efforts to help more writers.
"I believe everyone has at least one book in them," Allen often says. "But the book won't write itself." 

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Here are four sermons and four keynote addresses you can listen to:

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